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Employer Resources

Workplace hazards are on the prowl for fresh victims all over Manitoba – and everyone knows the best way to fight off an attack is to have the perfect preparedness kit.

It’s your responsibility to prepare and defend your workers against workplace incidents and injuries and we’ve got just the way to help.

We handpicked these resources to help you prepare for your workers’ survival – so download yours today!

SAFE Work Reward Cards will help you spread safety training and knowledge in your workplace to combat the spread of hazards. Give SAFE Work Reward Cards to your supervisors to hand out to young workers who put SAFE Work in action by spotting a hazard, using a SAFE work procedure they learned in training or asking a question about safety and health. The SAFE Work Reward Card includes a unique code that young workers can enter at spotthezombiemanitoba.com for their chance to win a $20 gift card!

Order your SAFE Work Reward Cards today

Let us know the quantity you would like (please order in multiples of 10, to a limit of 100 per workplace, while supplies last) and your mailing address.

Tips for Employing New Workers

YOU have direct responsibility for the safety of your workers, but also a unique opportunity to be a role model for new workers just starting out. Be a part of creating tomorrow’s safe and healthy workforce – and use these tips to start!

Download PDF

Bulletin 259: Employing Young Workers

Does your workplace employ young workers? Learn about what you need to know (including age and time restrictions) and what you need to do to ensure that you are following your responsibilities for their safety rights.

Download PDF

Bulletin 271: Resources to Assist You in Hiring Young Workers

Many workplaces hire new workers throughout the year. Some companies consider hiring new workers over the spring and summer months. As an employer, you can offer your new workers good work experience while also protecting them from injury on the job. Learn more!

Download PDF

SAFE Work for Young Workers Brochure

New workers are an asset to your workplace with fresh eyes, new ideas and good questions to ask. But did you know that every year nearly 5,000 young workers aged 15 – 24 report injuries to the WCB? These tidbits, tips and tools will help you be the best employer you can.

Download PDF

Guide for Training New and Young Workers

Risk is infectious. Training – and knowledge – are the antidote. This Guide will help you develop and implement a training program to help inoculate your young workers against workplace injuries.

Get the Guide

Bulletin 255: Safety and Health Orientation Requirements

As of April 1, 2014, there are new requirements to provide new workers with safety and health orientation. This bulletin gives you all the details!

Download PDF

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