If there is an SEO company providing seo for doctors, you could not go with it simply because of its assurances. Sometimes, a company could tell you something to attract you and make you sign the contract. But they might not provide you with what they assured you before signing it. If it happens with an SEO company, you will not see the agreed results even after performing all the SEO activities. Your patient income will not improve and your links will not show up in the top ten of the search engine results. So, it is vital to make sure the company working for you is reliable. You should avoid the SEO agencies who show you some signs of unreliability.
Meta-data focusing
Some fake SEO companies are still using some terms to attract customers. Meta description and meta keywords are two such terms they use to showcase themselves as knowledgeable. However, these meta-data are of no use in SEO in recent times. Over-usage of these could drop your rankings at times. Hence, if a company is focusing heavily on meta-data, you should avoid it. It is better to work with companies that update their approaches according to the search engine updates.
Poor website
Sometimes, you would get to approach an agency that does not have a properly ranking website for itself. When you look at the content of this website, you can understand that the management does not even take care of their own site. So, you can avoid them assuming that their efforts would not bring you any results.
Secretive approach
Some companies would not show you their approach to getting you rankings. If they are not transparent, you should beware that they might use black hat SEO practices that are prohibited.